Our Client List

Since Coates was founded in 1950, the company has attracted many and diverse clients. These include pipelines, public utilities, electric cooperatives and other energy producers, railroads, municipalities, state and federal governments, railroads and a variety of private industries such as engineering and law firms. Many of our repeat clients have contracted with Coates for decades and have established an ongoing, long term relationship with Coates as a sign of their trust in our company.


Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Governments
ANR Pipeline Company
Air Reduction Company, Inc.
Arch Petroleum, Inc.
Atlanta Gas Light Company
Arco Pipe Line Company
Arkansas-Louisiana Gas Company
Ashland Oil & Refining Company
Associated Pipe Line Contractors
BP Amoco Pipeline Company
BP Pipelines North America, Inc.
Badger Pipeline Company
Bay Gas Storage, Ltd.
Beard Oil Company
Bechtel Corporation
Bracken Exploration Company
Bravo Pipeline Company
Buckeye Partners, LP
Burmah Oil & Gas Company
Cameo Oil Company
Chase Transportation Company
Chelsea Gas Authority
Cherokee Trust
Chesapeake Operating, Inc.
Chevron Phillips Chemical Co.
Chevron Pipe Line Company
Chevron Texaco
Chief Oil & Gas, LLC
CITGO Petroleum Corporation
Cities Service Company
Clinton Gas Transmission, Inc.
Coastal States Crude Gathering Co.
Coffeyville Resources Refining & Marketing
Colonial Pipeline Company
Columbia Gas Transmission Corp.
Connecticut-Massachusetts Pipeline Corporation
Conoco, Inc.
Conoco Pipe Line Company
Consolidated Gas Supply Corp.
ConVest Energy Company
Cortez Pipeline Company
Creslenn Oil Company
Dakota Gasification Company
Denbury Onshore, LLC
Devon Energy Corporation
Dixie Pipeline Company
Dome Pipeline Corporation
Dome Petroleum, Ltd.
Dominion Transmission, Inc.
Doric Petroleum, Inc.
Duke Energy
Duke Energy North America, LLC
Eagle Rock Energy
Eason Oil Company
East Ohio Gas Company
East Tennessee Natural Gas Co.
El Paso Energy
El Paso Natural Gas Company
Elk Slough Pipeline Co., Inc.
Enbridge Pipelines, LLC
Enbridge U.S., Inc.
Energy Transportation Systems, Inc.
Enterprise Products Operating, LP
Enogex, Inc.
Ensearch Corporation
Equilon Enterprises, LLC
Equilon Pipeline Company
Estrella Energy
Explorer Pipeline Company
ExxonMobil Pipeline
Farmland Industries, Inc.
Ferguson Oil & Gas Company
Frontier Energy
Frontier Pipeline Company
Genesis Crude Oil
Getty Pipe Company, Inc.
Grace Petroleum Corporation
Great Lakes Gas Transmission Co.
Gulf Oil Corporation
Gulf Pipeline Company
Gulf Refining Company
Gulf South Pipeline Company, LP
Holnam, Inc.
Houston Pipe & Supply Company
InterNorth, Inc.
Jay Petroleum Corporation
Johnston Petroleum Corporation
Jones & Pellow Oil Company
Kansas Gas Supply Company
Kaneb Pipeline Company
Kerr-McGee Oil Company
Kinder Morgan
Koch Industries
Koch Nitrogen Company
Koch Pipeline Company, LP
LGS Pipeline, Inc.
Lakehead Pipe Line Company
Laketon Asphalt & Refining Co.
Lear Petroleum Corporation
Lomax Exploration Company
Lone Star Gas Company
Louisiana Interstate Gas Company
Magic Circle Energy Corporation
Mallard Exploration, Inc.
Mapco, Inc.
Marathon Oil Company
Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline
Mid-America Gas, Inc.
Mid-America Petroleum, Inc.
Mid-America Pipeline Company
Midwestern Gas Transmission Co.
Mississippi Fuel Company
Mississippi River Transmission Co.
Mobil Exploration and Producing
Mobil Oil Corporation
Mobil Pipeline Company
Mobil Vanderbilt-Beaumont Pipeline
Mohawk Petroleum Company
Murphy Oil Company
Mustang Fuel Corporation
Mustang Production Company
National Cooperative Refinery Association
National Fuel Gas Company
New Dominion, LLC
Newfield Exploration Mid-Continent, Inc.
NorAm Gas Transmission
Northern Border Pipeline Company
Northern Gas Products
Northern Natural Gas Company
Northern Pipe Line Company of Delaware, Inc.
Northern Plains Natural Gas Co.
Northwest Pipeline Corporation
O.K.C. Pipeline Company
Oklahoma Natural Gas Company
Oklahoma Gas Pipeline Company
Olympic Pipeline Company
Oneok Gas Transportation, LLC
Orion Energy Corporation
OXY Cities Service NGL, Inc.
Pacific Gas Transmission Company
Pacific Oil & Gas Company
Pan American Petroleum Company
Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Co.
Payco Transmission Company
Pecos Growers Gas Company
Pelican Reserve Pipeline Company
Penn Southern Gas Company
Petro-Western Energy Corporation
Phillips Petroleum Company
Plantation Pipe Line Company
Pominex, Inc.
Premcor Refining Group
Producers Gas Company
Production Operators, Inc.
Provident Energy Company
Pure Transportation Company
Rebel Oil Company
Rock Island Oil & Gas Company
Rocky Mountain Natural Gas Co.
Rio Grande Gas Corporation
Santa Fe Energy Company
Santa Fe Pipeline System
ScissorTail Energy, LLC
Sem Crude, LLP
Seminole Pipeline Company
Shell Oil Company
Shell Pipe Line Corporation
Shell Products US
Southern Natural Gas Company
Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.
South Texas Gathering
Southwest Gathering System
Standard Oil of Ohio
Statex Petroleum, Inc.
Summit Energy, Inc.
Sun Exploration and Production
Sun Logistics Partners, LP
Sun Oil Company
Sunoco Pipeline, LP
Targa Resources, Inc.
TE Products Pipeline Company, LP
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company
Texaco Exploration and Production
Texaco, Inc.
Texas Eastern Transmission Corp.
Texas Gas Company
Texas Gas Transmission
Texas-New Mexico Pipe Line Co.
The Texas Company
Total Petroleum, Inc.
Total Pipeline Corporation
TransCanada Pipelines
Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Co.
TransMontaigne Pipeline, Inc.
Transok Pipe Line Company
Transwestern Pipeline Company
Trenton Gas Corporation
Tri State Pipe Line Company
Trident NGL
Trunkline Gas Company
Tulsa Crude Oil Company
Ultramar Diamond Shamrock Corporation
United Gas Pipeline Company
United Natural Gas Company
USG Pipeline Company
Valero Logistics Operations, LP
Viking Resources
Virginia Natural Gas
Warren Petroleum Company
Wesco Pipeline Company
Western Crude Oil Company
Western Slope Gas Company
West Star Energy
Williams Companies
Williams Energy Services
Williams Field Services
Williams Gas Pipelines South Central
Williams Gas Processing
Wisconsin Southern Gas Company
Wolverine Pipeline Company

Private Industry

Air Reduction Industrial Gases Division
Air Products & Chemical Company
Aillet, Fenner, Jolly & McClelland
American First Title & Trust Co.
American Smelting & Refining Co.
Associated P&C Engineers
William T. Akins
BKW Eagleton Engineering Company
Babcock Eaglton, Inc.
Baker Engineering, Inc.
Baldischwiler Engineering Co.
Batelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories
Bechtel Corporation
Bechtel Petroleum, Inc.
Berge Exploration Company
Bingham McCutcheon, LLP
Black & Veatch
Blasland, Bouck & Lee, Inc.
Boston Survey Consultants
Brown & Root, Inc.
Burns & McDonnell
Byers Engineering
CNG Producing Company
Cedar Park Chemical Company
Cains Coffee Company
Celanese Chemical Company
Century 21 Realty
CH2M Hill
Charles Bailey & Associates, Inc.
Clowers Engineering Co.
Coastal Corporation
Conagra Grain Companies
Consolidated Coal Company
Dames & Moore Group
Daverman Associates
David Evans and Associates, Inc.
Deepko Lease & Royalty Company
Delta Surveying & Engineering Co.
Development Associates
Diaz, Diaz & Boyd, Inc.
Donaldson Construction Company
Dow Chemical Company
Earl & Wright Consulting Engineers
Ebasco Services, Inc.
Edaw, Inc.
EDM Services, Inc.
Englobal Engineering, Inc.
Entranco Engineers, Inc.
Envirosphere Company
Farmers National Company
First Interstate Bank of Oklahoma
Ford Aerospace and Communications Corp.
Gardere & Wynne, LLP
Gardner Engineering
General Motors Corporation
Gilbert Associates, Inc.
Gilbert Southern Corp.
Gray & Osborne, Inc.
H. L. Brown, Jr.
Harp Engineering, Inc.
Helmerich & Payne, Inc.
Heritage Trust Company
Hughes Aircraft Corporation
IBP, Inc.
Ideal Cement Company
IH 10 Team, Inc.
Intermountain Aerial Survey Co.
J&B Technologies, Inc.
Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.
Johnson & Nimmo
K.W. Land Specialists
Kean, Miller, Hawthorne,
D'Armond, McCowan & Jarman
Kermack Nuclear Fuels, Inc.
K.G.B. Construction Company
Linde Air Products
MacArthur Associated Consultants, Inc.
MacAuley & Associates
Mahaffey & Gore, P.C.
McAfee & Taft Professional Corp.
Charles T. Main Company
L. E. Meyers Co. (Lemco)
Lee Young
Michael D. Segler
Morris P. Hebert, Inc.
National Transit Company
Orion Energy Corporation
Parsons Brinkerhoff
Pastrans Corporation
Petrolane, Inc.
Phillip M. Lowry Co., Inc.
Pioneer Chlor Alkali Company, Inc.
Project Consultanting Services
Prominex, Inc.
Property Advisers, Inc.
Ramsey Engineering Company
Ramsey Property Management, Inc.
Resource Associates of Alaska, Inc.
Rexcon, Inc.
Rodman Corporation
Rudnick & Wolfe
SP Construction Services
STV, Inc.
SWAB Companies
Sangaman County Land Company
Science Applications International Corp.
Somerset Railroad Corporation
Southland Royalty Company
Stoltz, Wagner & Brown
St. Joe American Corporation
Stanley Consultants, Inc.
Stearns Catalytic
Sylvania Technical Company
The Draw Company
The Mull Corporation
T. Y. Lin International/CCS
Topographic Engineering Company
Triad Design Group
Trident Environmental & Engineering, Inc.
W&W Steel Company
WGP Development, LLC
W. E. Neill & Associates
W. R. Grace & Company
Western Resources
Willbros Engineers, Inc.
U.S. Gypsum Company
U.S. Windpower, Inc.
Universal ENSCO, Inc.


Railroad Realty Consultants
The Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Company
Union Pacific Railroad

Electric Cooperatives

Alabama Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Arizona Electric Power Cooperative
Arkansas Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Arizona Electric Power Cooperative
Baldwin County Electric Membership Co-op, Inc.
Basin Electric Power Cooperative
Big Flat Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Bossier Rural Electric Cooperative
Bowie-Cass Electric Cooperative
Carroll Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Central Electric Power Cooperative
Chugach Electric Association, Inc.
Dairyland Power Cooperative, Inc.
First Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Florida Keys Electric Cooperative
Grayson Collins Electric Cooperative
Haywood Electric Membership Corp.
Hoosier Energy Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Illinois Municipal Electric Agency
Indiana Statewide Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.
InterMountain Rural Electric Association
Kissimmee Utility Authority
Lee County Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Magic Valley Electric Cooperative
Niagara Mohawk Power Cooperative
Northern Michigan Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Northeast Missouri Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Ozarks Electric Cooperative
Plains Electric Generating and Transmission Cooperative
Rayburn Country Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Rich Mountain Electric Cooperative
Sam Houston Electric Cooperative
Southeastern Michigan Rural Electric Cooperative
South Louisiana Electric Cooperative
South Texas Electric Cooperative
Sumter Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Upshur Rural Electric Cooperative
Washington-St. Tammany Electric
Wolverine Electric Cooperative


AEP Communications
AT&T Communications
Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Company of Virginia
East Ascension Telephone Company
El Paso Global Networks, Inc.
GTE Southwest, Inc.
Green Hills Telephone Corporation
KHC Microwave Corporation
Level 3 Communications, Inc.
MCI WorldCom
Mastec North America, Inc.
Michigan Bell Telephone Company
Mountain Bell Telephone Company
Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company
New York-Penn Microwave Co.
New York Telephone Company
Nebraska Consolidated Communications Corp.
Nevada Bell Telephone Company
Northwestern Bell Telephone Co.
Oklahoma Communication Systems
PTS, Inc.
Pacific Northwest Bell Telephone Co.
Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co.
Redwood Empire Telephone Co.
SP Communications
Selective Site Consultants
South Central Bell Telephone Co.
Southern Bell Telephone Company
Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.
TDS Telecom
Telergy Network Services
360Networks (USA) Inc.
Time Warner Entertainment
Tuolumme Telephone Company
U.S. West Communications
Union Telephone Company
United Telephone Co. of Missouri
United Video, Inc.
Western Carolina Telephone Co.
Western Union Telegraph Company
Williams Communications, Inc.
WilTech Group
Wiltel Corporation
World Wide Fiber, Inc





Hadson Development Corporation
Interpower of New York
Sithe Energies, U.S.A., Inc.
Stockton Area Transmission Line Group
U.S. Generating Company

Federal Government

Southwest Power Administration
U.S. Department of Energy
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
U.S. Corps of Engineers
U.S. Department of the Interior
U.S. Forest Service
U.S. National Park Service
U.S. Postal Service
U.S. Navy Yards and Docks

State & County Governments

Board of Road Commissioners, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Clark County Public Works (Wash.)
Consumers Illinois Water Company
Clinton County, Iowa
Contra Costa County, California
Delkalb-Peachtree Airport
Florida Department of Transportation
Glenn County, Georgia
Hildago County Irrigation District #2
Kansas Department of Transportation
King County, Washington
Los Angeles Unified School District
Lower Colorado River Authority
Metropolitan Service District, Portland, Oregon
Metropolitan Water Board,Clay, NY
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Mississippi Dept. of Transportation
Montana Dept. of Transportation
New Mexico Dept. of Transportation
Northeast Texas Municipal Water
Oklahoma Dept. of Transportation
Okla. St. Regents for Higher Ed.
Oklahoma Turnpike Authority
Oneida County, New York
Onondago County, New York
Orange County, New York
Pasco County, Florida
Pierce County, Washington
Pinellas County, Florida
Power Authority, State of New York
Port of Benton County, Washington
Public Utility District #1 of Snohomish County, Wash.
Reclamation Districts 900, 1000 (California)
San Diego County, California
San Juan County, Washington
San Luis Obispo County, Calif.
Santa Clara (Calif.) Water District
Snohomish County, Washington
So. Carolina Port Authority
So. Carolina Public Railway Comm.
Spokane County, Washington
State of Illinois, Division of Waterways
State of Washington, Dept. of General Administration
Tennessee Dept. of Transportation
Texas Dept. of Transportation
Unified Sewerage Agency of Washington County, Ore.
Virginia Dept. of Transportation
West Virginia Dept. of Transportation
Yakima County, Washington
Yuba County Water Agency, Calif.


Abilene, Texas
Bellevue, Washington
Bellingham, Washington
Bothell, Washington
Burlington, Washington
Cedar Park Water Supply Corp.
Cleveland, Ohio
Clinton, Michigan
Colton, California
Delta Diablo Sanitation District, California
Donna (Texas) Irrigation District
Edmond, Oklahoma
Effingham, Illinois
Ellensburg, Washington
Everett, Washington
Fall Creek Yreka Waterline, Yreka, California
Hamilton, Texas
Kent, Washington
Kings Mountain, North Carolina
Lake Ozark, Missouri
Lansing, Michigan
Lower Cape Fear Water and Sewer Authority
Maryville, Missouri
Mesquite, Texas
Metropolitan Transit Authority, Houston, Texas
Midland, Michigan
Midwest City, Oklahoma
Mountlake Terrace, Wash.
Mt. Vernon, Washington
Mustang, Oklahoma
Naperville, Illinois
Norwood, Massachusetts
Okemah, Oklahoma
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Oklahoma City Housing Authority
Pearland, Texas
Petoskey, Michigan
Plattsburg, New York
Port of Oakland, California
Port of Benton, Richland, Wash.
Portland, Oregon
Sacramento Area Levee Restoration Project
Seattle, Washington
Sharyland Water Supply Corp., McAllen, Texas
Shawnee, Oklahoma
Shreveport, Louisiana
Springfield, Missouri
St. Clair Township, Illinois
Stafford, Texas
Sterling Township, Michigan
Stillwater, Oklahoma
Stookey, Illinois
Tacoma, Washington
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Vacaville, California
Yakima, Washington

Public Utilities

AEP (American Electric Power)
AEP/Kentucky Power
Alabama Power
Ameren (Union Electric Co.)
Appalachian Power Company
Arizona Public Service Company
Arkansas Missouri Power Company
Arkansas Power & Light Company
Baltimore Gas & Electric Company
Blackstone Valley Electric Company
Bonneville Power Administration
Boston Edison Company
Brownsville Public Utilities
Cape & Vineyard Electric Company
Carolina Power & Light Company
CenterPoint Energy, Inc.
CenterPoint Energy Service Co.
Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp.
Central Illinois Public Service Co.
Central Power & Light Company
Cinergy Services, Inc.
City Utilities of Springfield, Mo.
Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric
Commonwealth Edison Company
Connecticut Light & Power Co.
Consolidated Edison, Inc.
Consumers Power Company
Detroit Edison Company
Duke Power (Nantahala Power & Light)
Duquesne Light Company
Empire District Electric Company
Energy East
Florida Power Corporation
Florida Power & Light
GPU Energy (Pennsylvania Electric Co.)
Georgia Power Company
Gulf Power Company
Gulf States Utilities
Illinois Power
Indiana & Michigan Electric Co.
Indiana Municipal Power Agency
Iowa Illinois Gas & Electric Co.
Iowa Power & Light Company
Iowa Public Service Company
Iowa Southern Utilities Company
Jersey Central Power & Light Co.
Kansas Gas & Electric Company
Louisiana Power & Light Company
Mississippi Power Company
Mississippi Power & Light Company
Montana Electric Company
Montaup Electric Company
Mount Carmel Public Utilities Co.
National Grid
Nebraska Public Power District
New York State Electric & Gas
New Bedford Gas & Electric Light
Northeast Missouri Electric Power
Northern Indiana Public Service
Northern States Power
Ohio Edison Company
Ohio Power Company
OG&E Electric Services
Omaha Public Power District
Orange & Rockland Utilities, Inc.
PSI Energy
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Philadelphia Electric Company
Portland General Electric
Potomac Edison Company
Power Authority, State of NY
Progress Energy
Public Service of New Hampshire
Public Service Company of Okla.
Public Service Electric & Gas Company of New Jersey
Puget Sound Power & Light
Reliant Energy (Houston Lighting Power Co.)
Rochester Gas & Electric Corp.
Salt River Project
San Diego Gas & Electric
Sharyland Utilities
South Carolina Electric & Gas
South Mississippi Electric Power Association
Southwestern Electric Power Co.
Sycamore Energy
Texas Municipal Power Agency
Texas-New Mexico Power
The United Illuminating Company
Tri-State Generation & Transmission Association
Tucson Electric Power Company
Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems
UtiliCorp United (Missouri Public Service Co.)
Vermont Electric Power Company, Inc.
Vermont Transco, LLC
Washington Water Power Company
West Penn Power Company
West Texas Utilities Company
Westar Energy
Western Resources (Kansas Gas & Electric Co.)
Wisconsin Electric Power Company

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